Reading is FUNdamental" Reel (For Representation Viewer)

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Is there a child in your life who loves to read? Or maybe you have a hesitant reader in your life? Our Reading is FUNdamental" reel portrays an excitement about reading that can either affirm a child's love for reading, or inspire one!

Research shows that when Black children see themselves represented positively in their media, it fortifies their self-esteem and helps protect them from the impact of racism.

That’s why we created a product that provides reel representation, pairing a love for the nostalgic View-Master with the empowering art of Black illustrators.

We currently have three other reel options:

  • "Black Hair Celebration" Reel: A Reel To Celebrate Black Hair!
  • "In My Feelings" Reel: A Reel To Help Children Discuss Their Feelings
  • "S.T.E.A.M Reel: A Reel To Introduce Children To Key Black Figures in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics Careers
    • (Arts Example: Stevie Wonder, Technology Example: Dr. Mark Dean, and Others!)


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